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        insidedistuo on #1240

        well, if anyone outside the US even knows about this, you have to say wtf?
        a mother kills her child , hides the body, lies to authorites, blames a innocent woman?
        no wonder steven king has material …. he just has to read the news!!!
        I am too lazy to add links but again we ( America) shows us how strange our killers can be,
        the casey anthony murder has left me sppechless!
        😳 perhaps not as bad as killing a person to eat their penis supposedly at his own request and it was recorded????
        but to kill your own child??? I am baffled!!
        ok, ok, so heres a link to the casey story
        I have decided to just assume people are evil…the good people are a minority !
        LOL well, see …. but

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        necromancerza on #8132

        I live in South Africa … nothing leaves me



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