who would have thought they were getting busy???

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        insidedistuo on #726

        I thought I would post this….. * shakes head… I don’t know what to say… except I blame it on the coke… and not the cola kind….. 😳 or perhaps the skulls… he is still there mentally…,
        all I can say is… Damn…
        SEE MY BLOG…….. LOL 😈
        and I might need a country to move to….. hmmm.


        * sigh 😥

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        dark_child on #5774

        I’ll join you to moving to that othe coutry. But for now all I can say is LMAO.

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        thesunsetter on #5775

        lmao, oh dear, come to Scotland! no wait, you’ll probably hate most of it…

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        necromancerza on #5776

        Just thought I`d add this … although I`m not American

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        robc666 on #5777

        come to england, we may be small but….actually that’s it, we’re small.

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        withdrawalfx on #5778

        try coming to belgium.

        we’ve got the best beer and junkfood in the world! 😈
        AND (even though I doubt it’ll intererst a lot of you) we have THE leading breakcorescene in the world. 🙄

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        robc666 on #5779

        What’s breakcore?

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        necromancerza on #5780

        @Robc666 wrote:

        What’s breakcore?

        I cant explain it .. so judge for yourself.
        You just will not see me at any of those clubs. 🙄

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        robc666 on #5781

        Thanks for that. Think i’ll be staying away from it like a vampire stays away from a church.

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        withdrawalfx on #5782

        and this 😈

        god I love a good breakcore rave :p

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        robc666 on #5783

        Ok i will admit it looks pretty insane, but it’s still not for me, sorry.

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        withdrawalfx on #5784

        to each their own 🙂

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        robc666 on #5785

        too true, it’d be a boring life if we were all the same.

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        maestro on #5786

        I’m still for wearing uniforms, though

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        robc666 on #5787

        Depends on who’s wearing the uniform, if you know what i mean? 😉

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