What’s up with the website outages?

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        maestro on #902

        I know it’s annoying – i just want you guys to know that i’m looking for a solution and not hanging around scratching my balls all day long:

        The problem is, we have way too many mysql database processes running on the server, for reasons that are beyond me,
        The server has a process limit though, so once all these ghost sql processes hit the server process cap, nothing new will be started -> the server can’t pull the data for the site out of the database, since it can’t start a new process for that -> people can’t see shit.

        Anyway, i’m working on it.

        I’m a guy with a website and no freaking server wizard, though

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        maestro on #6905

        We fought sql and we won 😈

        Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience, if there are more error messages drop me a line

        note: not the one two seconds ago, that was me checking if the link to check your email works in the new error page 😉

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        necromancerza on #6906

        Lets hear it for Maestro 😀

        So here is the story ………

        The training.

        No Maetstro .. you are not superman 😉


        sql`s buddies.

        Work time 🙂

        Victory 😈

        The Victory party on the VTK penthouse rooftop.

        Sombody spiked my drink again 😆

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        maestro on #6907

        hahaha! how cool is that 😀

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        insidedistuo on #6908

        Maestro 2 – servers 0 ……
        works for me… 😛

        * Nec… that post kicked ass…. 🙂

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