What is happening in South Africa


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    necromancerza on #1368

    Watch this.
    This is probably the future President on South Africa.
    He sings hate songs which states to kill White Farmers .
    We are nearing a civil war and possible extinction.

    maestro on #8331

    Way to deal with the international press. At least he got a kick in the nuts for it.

    Problem with those hotshot youth leaders is the same everywhere. They’re 30+ and act all unreasonable to get their names into the newspapers while the “established” politicians are way too old to be connected to the people. Wonder how they governed empires at that age back then.

    If the group they belong to carries – for some reason – the everlasting “good-guys” membership card like the ANC (or the Central Council of Jews in Germany) they can do what they want without anyone shutting their mouth due to their inherent one-sided political correctness. Because at some point in the past some of them were treated bad, they’re now free to spew whatever shit they want to

    necromancerza on #8332

    Just words for the media to tell everyone that everything is ok.
    Luckily it looks like some Swedes will at-least give a public display.

    insidedistuo on #8333

    I think you should deal with him in your special way… 😈
    look foreward to seeing you on CNN.
    just take care of you, noone else will!!
    bitter as usual,

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