WGT 2006

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        lady_demornay on #4199

        I have never heard of this, what is it? Yeah yeah I know I could go read thru the site, but I am hoping you will give me the 30 second version. If it looks like fun then I shall be there. Need a reason first, tho the music line-up might be enough to convince me… it’s been awhile since I’ve travelled cross-country… might be time for another of my vagabond trips. 😉


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        maestro on #4200

        A lot of cross-country going might be needed there.

        In short, it’s the largest goth festival in the world.
        50000+ men and mice present, unfotunately ridiculously expensive but well worth they money for four days of complete goth madness in the eastern part of the dark capital of the world that is germany.

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        maestro on #4201

        + Largest fesitival of goth music

        – You’ll be in Germany

        + Least they have decent beer, so you can get shit faced.

        – For some of the women, you’ll need to.

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        navre on #4202

        east germany you say…so much easier to tavel there now that the wall has been down for how long is it now….shrug makes no nevermind anywho, what city and when…dates man dates…..

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        maestro on #4203

        before there wasnt much to see there anyway.

        and it’d really be easier for all of us if you peope wouldnt refuse to click one damn link at least:
        Leipzig, in June 🙄


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        maestro on #4204

        there are updates in this thead

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