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    maestro on #836

    “Welcome to my small world” is about the most dumb, crappy and redundant line to start a website with.

    While it is of course meant as belittlement which shall let you appear all cute and naive it actually shows what an uninteresting, self centered fame whore you are. There is not a single person in the universe who doesn’t know you but still gives a fuck about your cuddly rabbit that will stop breathing, fall over and die in less than five years.

    The term “my small world” already implies you have nothing to say. Why further pollute the internet and it’s heavily strained data nodes with other useless information about why you hate your life because you had an arguement with your parents about not cybering with whoever has the highest number behind “satan..”, or the few things you ate and then puked out again yesterday ? Why can’t you just be lucky to have noone shoot you in the back for posting white text on pink background?

    You could at least try to give the impression you have any other interests on a normal day than watching the cute little dots in the picture you stole from someone else’s website change the colour – but have in mind, whatever you do, please spare us from your poetry, especially if it’s about your fucking rabbit.

    lovewithdiamonds on #6398

    So whose small world pissed you off?

    And does poetry about rabbits not touch your heart? Lol… 😆 😆

    Apparently. if minds had anuses, blogging would be what you do when your mind needs a dump….

    I’m assuming you’re talking about all those millions of bloggers out there that bore people with the mundane details of their lives…

    😥 I blog myself – so I cant accurately judge whether or not my shit is boring – but I dont talk about what I ate, I dont share poetry and I especially dont talk about crap on TV.

    darkdisciple on #6399

    This is so f’n hilarious. I see this crap day in and day out, cause I work as a web designer and the requests that flow in through emails, point directly to this.

    Another I hate doing most of the time now, is having a client come in wanting a website for the very first time and basically have little to no information and basically just want pictures. I mean, you can have the boring life and what not, but please do not say “Welcome To My Small World” or “Welcome To My Personal Site of Doom and Gloom”.

    It all is about fun and what you want to share with the world. It doesn’t have to be much on a starter website, but put a little style and edge into your life and be unique and don’t f’n steal images from other site, be original.

    *Note: This is what I have to deal with as well. I know where you’re coming from on this thread and I totally agree.

    lovewithdiamonds on #6400

    I just ran across a blog entitled ‘The World As I Know It’….is that up there on the same level as ‘Welcome to my Small World’?

    maestro on #6401

    If it only serves to depict what a douche the writer is, yes

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