You all have seen them,

For the upcoming festival season and to enhance our force's overall capabilities we're looking for

Concert Photographers

You have a DSLR (knowing what that means is part of the job description, so don't ask) and rudimentary knowledge of how to operate it? Supply us with some of your stuff and we'll see if we can get some photo pit action for you!

Embedded Journalists

You love festivals and concerts, have a broad grasp of scene-related music and could single out VNV Nation's Ronan Harris in a group of long haired, thin ass, skirt wearing, glowstick wielding, robot dancing teenagers? hint.

That's you? We'd need some writing samples of your stuff (nothing scientific) and would love to send you off to the best dark festivals you ever wanted to visit!


We occasionally need help with the website, so if you know any PHP or Java that'd be awesome! Tech people will join deployments if they want!


This is not a one-man-show and not a one-country site, wherever you are we want your stuff


Press gets in for free. That's EUR/USD/GBP/CBP(Canadian Beaver Pelts) 0 !
Of course all the usual beeing part of something great applies here, too.


Email crew@vampyres.tk to become part of VTK!

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