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        necromancerza on #1176

        I dont know who of you use Windows Vista yet, but I changed over about a month ago.
        The first error I encountered was when installing the damn thing! Took me a while to figgure out, but Vista does not install on a operating system that has more than 2 Gb of physical memory (but i think in some cases the graphics card may add to the memory).
        So it was out with the DDR’s and re-install. After installation I hit a bluescreen or 2 … then when it finally loaded I had to install a update thats about 150 Mb to overome the memory issue. I then proceeded to pop my DDR’s back and boot. Think I had about 200 Mb’s of updates to get thru. Now its running fine-ish, It is actually quite smooth and it might be my imagianation, but my internets feels faster. It has a 32bit runmode for programs that are not supported in 64bit (yea I got Vista 64bit). The only onnoying thing is that it wants confimation on each program that you run … allways.

        Anyone else on Vista? Think this is the forum for tips tricks and comments.

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        insidedistuo on #7972

        No I havent had the pleasure/pain of vista yet…
        I am reluctant to change and really liked win 98 LOL I didnt even want to go XP until I had to… 😛
        I am glad its running faster for you Nec, after all the issues.. 😯
        and I think we need a techie forum somewhere on the site.. It would be a good learning area for those so inclined..
        sorry I cant offer any advice on the current subject, but I look forward to reading the answers..

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        withdrawalfx on #7973

        I’ll only get vista when I get a new pc.
        Vista’s known for it’s issues with memory and problems with systems that aren’t of the latest generation.

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        necromancerza on #7974

        Windows 7 enters from the rear?
        So now Microsoft is Bringing in Windows 7 to cover up its vista fail. Hope I get a discount for purchasing faulty software.

        Looks alot like vista with a facelift though


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