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        navre on #1349

        So .. I gave a thought that I might actually post a semi-new poem here one that was ripped from the anals of the belguim think tank… give an ear and harken to… perhaps you may just like it Just for you M

        And here it it…
        That which lays before me,
        Wanting nothing more…
        To strip away that which blocks my path.
        Tantalizing, that musky smell
        Slowly rent asunder,
        Now laid bare before me…
        Pause and Inhale,
        That rapid quick of breath…
        Shutter, studder… and pause
        The tempest riddled Creseando.
        I am to gain nothing…
        But happyness,
        In that which is her release…

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        maestro on #8307

        Wow, brilliant my friend! Thank You very much! 🙂

        I hope the wonders of americana won’t distract you too much from keeping those gems rolling towards your audience

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