this is *my* hat you fuckers!

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        maestro on #684

        Considerable time ago i was wondering what to do against the overpopulation of top hats, worn mostly by youngsters whose utter newbieness can be seen from a mile away.
        Think of it as day fly applying for Top Gun.

        Looking around my endless depository of tasteless wardrobe, i found the most fitting response to be an australian cowboy hat as worn by other unsuspicious ninja photographers around the world.

        But instead of ringing in the downfall of the top hat empire into utter rediculousness i suddenly found myself in the role of Dr.Frankenstein;
        Wherever i went i was haunted by wierd people in cowboy hats, spawning new sub-genres by utilising french jungle-combat hats or even hats completely made of pvc! How could i forget it was my first and foremost goal to look as rediculous as possible with it! Considering how the goth subculture embraces rediculous ideas (like men wearing skirts) i should have secured myself all available stock options from hat makers first.

        Now, i might look over the fact that you all are stealing bastards without testicles who took your only cool idea from me, a bit of a male influx into the goth scene wouldn’t be half as bad either. But there is only place for so much hats in a club, pilgrims:
        any attempt to cross cowboy hats with welding goggles will result in instant incineration of yourself, your funny hat and the goddamn goggles.

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        tharathos on #5526

        Lmfao, this is probably the most random and amusing thing I’ve read all day.

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        viscious-vixen on #5527

        M… That woman-thing was hit by “The Wardrobe”.

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