The Pain of Love [Poem]

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        wisherman on #1124

        I want to love her,
        The way she laughs and smiles is beautiful,
        It’s so attractive,
        But I’m so confused,
        It hurts me to look at you,
        When we talk your words touch me,
        I’m so confused,
        You talk and you tease,
        I dont know what you want,
        When i see you with him it kills me,
        I’m so sick of it
        Why can’t I not like you,
        why can’t I just not talk to you,
        why can’t I stay away from you,
        Why can’t I avoid you,
        I find myself dependent on your touch,
        Dependent on your voice,
        BUt today,
        It will stop,
        I will no longer love you,
        I wont wait for you ,
        I wont talk to you,
        To me, your dead,
        You hurt me today,
        You hurt me forever,
        Your nothing, not now, not ever.

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        sweetlust on #7831

        *Looking up at you shyly…sadly…curiously…wishing you hadn’t been….hurt..inside…that your heart…hadn’t been…hurt….whispering softly…*

        …I..I’m sorry…that they…hurt your heart…really…I am…

        😳 🙁 😳 😥

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