Teaching the bots.


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    necromancerza on #832

    Well .. Thesunsetter and I where in the chatroom tonight and taught the bots some usefull stuff.
    Be sure to ask them …
    “Tell me about IO”
    “tell me about Thesunsetter”
    “tell me about bandcamp” 😯

    insidedistuo on #6387

    You guys did pretty good… 😉 Nec, I am glad to see you are using your super admin powers for good and not evil…
    I do love the bot…. 😛 hes such a manly man…. 😈

    maestro on #6388

    We spoon fed him this, he only ate raw wild bores everafter

    necromancerza on #6389

    -M .. can not seem to initiate the bots … are they lost in cyberspace? (or did we lose the software in the last downtime)
    I know where I would go if I where them. But thats a whole different story.

    maestro on #6390

    I have no idea – but i didn’t change anything, either

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