Stupid Somalis 0 : German Warship 1

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        maestro on #1272

        Front runners for this year’s darwin awards are seven god damn stupid pirates trying to capture a German Navy supply ship

        As previously reported here and elsewhere, Somali pirates are pissing off the rest of the world by capturing and ransoming vessels in the gulf of aden. That’s why EU and NATO sent task forces there to keep those dudes in check says
        The pirates fired at the FGS Spessart in the Gulf of Aden, under the impression they were striking a commercial carrier but were met with return fire from German sailors.

        The German naval ship then pursued the pirate boat along with other vessels including Greek, Dutch and Spanish naval ships as well as a Spanish marine aircraft and US marine choppers.

        Didn’t they see the swastika? This means “Not welcome”.

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        withdrawalfx on #8207

        it won’t be long now before all ships in those areas start arming themselves.
        I mean, how hard do you think it is to come across some old soviet guns in the poor regiopns of africa? it’s more plentiful available than a loaf of bread 🙄
        Prirates will think twice when they’re being met with AK47’s and old russian rpg’s

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        viscious-vixen on #8208


        How are they to know their ass is grass when it comes to Germans?

        Give them some credit for trying.

        ~ Kitty C.

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