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        maestro on #897

        As you might have noticed there is a new banner in place of the former shirt ads who admittedly became quite dull.

        It’s by the kickass guys at edica.nl who are awesome enough to sponsor parts of the VTK operations and run an internet shop that has about everything one needs for a drop dead cool party outfit at very reasonable prices.

        So go check them out!

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        necromancerza on #6865

        Their site is very user-friendly too.
        And from the responce in theirs guestbook it seems that they have excellent service. 😀

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        insidedistuo on #6866

        love the site…. and saving my pennies… the corsetts are awsome….
        im proud to have them with us… lol…

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        thesunsetter on #6867

        Wow, they have some really sweet shirts, wouldn’t mind one or two, guess I’ll need money though but still the velvet shirt is just what I’ve been looking for. The last banner had some funny t shirts but yeah this one is great…

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        thesunsetter on #6868

        Just ordered some stuff for christmas off them, really good service too, :D…

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        maestro on #6869

        Awesome 🙂

        You’re pretty early for christmas shopping – i’m still checking options 😉

      • Participant
        thesunsetter on #6870

        Lol, well my parents want to get everything sorted out incase anything goes wrong so I didn’t complain. Got the first season of The Munsters too…

      • Participant
        maestro on #6871


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