Sean Connery Cereal!!!…

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        thesunsetter on #753

        This has to be one of my favorite videos ever, it never grows old so i thought i’d share it with the rest of the VTK folks, the guy doesn’t really look like Sean Connery or sound like him but it still amuses me…
        Your Mother Liked Me Last Night, You’ll Like My Cereal Thismorning 😀

        Also there’s a full commedy series called Jepordy with the guy from Anchorman and a Sean Connery impersonator in most of the episodes, tis also uber funny, all the episodes can be seen through this link – here
        “I Have to ask you about the penis mightier” hehe, hopes you enjoy them…

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        vincent_the_red on #5912

        According to that link, the videos of the Jeopardy SNL parodies were removed, for legal reasons. Damn you NBC…….

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        insidedistuo on #5913

        Isnt it funny… it may be removed by NBC.. but I am watching it right now on comedy central…
        lol.. 😛 Those are both hilarious…
        Will Farrell kicks ass…
        speaking of which….. Ricky Bobby comes out tommorow 😉
        I can’t wait!! Not too crazy about Nascar… but LOVE ferrell 😈

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        thesunsetter on #5914

        lol, damns, well glad you enjoyed them, i got the Jepordy ones from a different link ages ago but the link seems to have dissapeared, probably for legal reasons then 🙁 but if you can find it i’d recomend it…

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        draven on #5915

        This one seems to work pretty well 😀

        The cereal thing was random, but good all the same. Celebrity Jeopardy is hilerious though, nice find Sunsetter.

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        thesunsetter on #5916

        yay! thanks man, takes me back to the days when we used to watch it during History lol…

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        insidedistuo on #5917

        LOl. I loved the link Draven… 😉
        I have watched all of them over again ..
        and all I have to say is..

        Anal bum cover…lmao 😛 :

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        thesunsetter on #5918

        lmao! I love the motherical humor in it,
        “The noise a dog makes”
        “Well that’s the noise your mother made last night”
        Ha ha, they’re all soo good…

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        emissary on #5919

        wtf? lol
        That’s absolutely cool! 😉

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