Recent downtime

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        maestro on #993

        We’re back! Everything’s new and approved by the VTK Army, the sweetest smelling army in the world!

        Due to a major DDOS attack on our hosting partner we gave you a short break from our awesomeness, well, that’s over and we’re ready to roll again:

        We used the precious time to add more news sources giving you the latest industrial music gossip and over the next weeks we will also upload new galleries for your viewing pleasure. For those who haven’t already check out our chat system, for everyone else, the forums are packed as always!

        We know 4 days is a long time, but fear not, here we go again, back in black and on the highway to hell. Consider yourself thunderstruck.

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        maestro on #7343

        “Cool! VTK is back, hooray!”
        “Awesome, thanks for working your ass off”

        No problem people, it is my fucking pleasure.

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        robc666 on #7344

        Sorry M. Thaks for working so hard, you da man!!!

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