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    maestro on #980

    Young people all over the world are joining the ranks of VTK field promoters,
    Navre is doing his part on Myspace, Coldblood her part at Livejournal, Necro sticks his parts everywhere – what about you?!

    We have the website, we have the banners, we NEED promotion!

    Sign up for at least 5 days or as long as VTK deems necessary into the VTK promotional team – you’ll be equipped with the latest banners and have free access to use all VTK-owned gallery pictures in your promotional effort!

    Join the Promo, meet new interesting people of other cultures, make new friends – and bring them here.

    maestro on #7294

    if you want to support your favourite internet community with more than just hanging around here all day, you’re very welcome to propagate the VTK link to all other similarly themed websites on the internet 😀

    For our myspace banner please copy this into your profile:

    which will look like this:

    all You need for spamming VTK on whatever linklists and directories out there is inour huge array of linkage stuff

    If a website needs a description of what VTK is about or has an “info” field our standard promotional text is this:

    VTK is a community website catering for the vampyre/goth/industrial scenes. We offer free email, goth/fetish picture galleries, forums, chatrooms, classified ads and tons of other stuff so if you’re looking for a hangout place join us!

    Which is due for modification as soon as someone comes up with something better

    If the description must have less characters, be creative and shorten it, just keep the community and gallery thing in there somehow if possible 😉

    The title of the website is, cunning and witty as we are

    Be certain that you will be outfitted with your reward of 72 virgin pvc sluts as soon as we’re able to find them.

    withdrawalfx on #7295

    well, put up the wee banner on my myspace page…
    does that get me a pvc slut already? or can I get one on loan? :vamp:

    thesunsetter on #7296

    I could put a banner on my little page on my band’s site and there’s a link to here on my VampireFreaks profile, but a banner would look much more appeticing. I’ll get to work on placing them everywhere…

    insidedistuo on #7297

    well, i dont have a site per say… ( but this one… ) lol
    I have promoted this to all my friends and radio stations in the area… hmmm .
    ill keep working on it…

    maestro on #7298

    Thanks for all your awesome support so far! 😀

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