Poetry ))Midnights Thoughts(( Final verson

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        navre on #1217

        So as usual I leave for a while and pop back and with this apperance I give you Midnight Thoughts

        It is such that I am here now. Late is the hour,
        The silvered moon high in the night sky, Long have I suspected,
        That my fate is to be such, trial and error is how one learns things in this life,
        Thus have all my attempts have ended. True enough my attempts have been few.
        How often can any man say that they have truly loved?
        Whispers in my mind speak of what is sure to come.
        It is nights such as these, spent gazing into the pale moon
        As it streaks across the midnight horizon, I stare up in wonder,
        Hoping to catch a glimpse of my future,
        Long are these hours that pass whilst I lie to myself, thinking I shall see what…
        Shall never appear, if I but gaze long enough, into the eyes of the moon,
        I shall be blessed with a vision gifted from the fates.

        These sisters three seem to derive such joy in tormenting me so,
        I long to break free of the chains that hold me, my oath
        Honor binds me, as does my blood. I am one with no name, born of purpose,
        A keeper of her will, guardian of faith, and bearer of justice.
        Many are the ranks of those who file next to me; we grow with each passing day…
        Until we shall be legion.
        Yet mine is a solitary existence. I am bound, by choice, and thus…
        I am beloved before all others in her eyes, and yea, though I do love her with all my soul,
        For it is she that bore me into this world to which I have ever known…
        I do long for the touch of another… even lust for it at times.
        Respite is found temporarily in the arms of those who pass by on occasion.
        I would find one who would stay and walk this path with me.
        Marching forth into the everwood; resplendent in leaves of emerald and grass of jade,
        Brought to life by her touch.

        Long are these hours that I sit in contemplation,
        Perhaps I shall sit by the window and stare into the moon for a while longer.
        I know I go only to lie to myself…
        Yet sometimes, when one lies often enough he forgets he is lying…

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        insidedistuo on #8098

        awsome as always…. your writing skills are amazing!! so are you famous yet?? 😆
        heard of a book a while ago but dont remember any news yet??
        and where has your brother disappeared to?? havent heard from him either.. lol
        some life update news would be nice… ( because I am nosy like that) 😉

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        maestro on #8099

        Yep, updates are needed

        And another awesome work, keep the good stuff pointed in our direction 🙂

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