Official VTK Myspace Profile

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        maestro on #999

        Yes, that’s right.

        Incase our far reaching spam project didn’t reach you yet, is the official myspace profile for your favourite place to be.

        Now we no longer lurk as a group deep inside of myspace, but can be befriended and showered in lovely comments giving the crew fuzzy feelings all over – so go and show your love to VTK by commenting on !

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        vincent_the_red on #7369

        Just as a word to the wise, M…….. You may want to take the nudity off of the myspace page. I’m not exactly certain, but I do believe that nudity is against the code of conduct or whatnot on Myspace. I’m glad that VTK finally has an account there, and I’d hate to have it shut down so quickly, before we have the chance to take over the site completely.

        Long live the VTK revolution!

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        maestro on #7370

        Is a nipple count of “2” already nudity?

        I’m really just asking because i didn’t know myspace has a policy there

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        vincent_the_red on #7371

        Yes. Sadly, nipples count as nudity.

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        maestro on #7372

        Hm, Blueblood’s profile doesn’t show a single boob either, so a major redesign is in order

        Thanks for the heads-up!

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        vincent_the_red on #7373

        You’re quite welcome. Anything I can do to help, I shall.

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        withdrawalfx on #7374

        just got the friends request (accepted of course :)).

        but i don’t really know if I wanna be giving you warm and fuzzy feelings maestro, I mean, I need dinner and a movie for that first dude 😉

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        maestro on #7375

        Oh, how could i even think you would be happy with 15 bucks? 😉

        I exchanged the model on the top, so if TortueGarden are in line, we are, too.
        Unfortunately there is no way to make these damn tables stay where they are, but it could look worse.

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