New years resolutions???

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        insidedistuo on #1252

        thought id ask…. 😕 seeing if anyone had anything interesting to add….
        Ihere are mine…
        1. Survive my new job till May !st…
        2. lose some weight … lol yea…ummm.
        3. buy the most AWSOME corset to show off my vampire tat!!!
        4. post some great pics in the VTK gallery… we are plotting and planning .. SOON , i hope !!!
        5. oh, yes , lots of money please???? maybe the lottery?? works for me LOL

        what are you guys doing??? and remember… this is a permanent post so be honest!!
        it might come back to haunt you !!! 👿

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        necromancerza on #8161

        Mine is pretty much the same as every year.

        1. Dont die.
        2. follow resolution 1.

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        coldblood on #8162

        eh nothing exciting here.
        lose weight, put more money in the bank, etc. just kind of generally make things better lol.

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        insidedistuo on #8163

        LOL cold about the same as mine. anything better is somethning 8)
        although staying alive is not as big of worry as Ned seems to have
        I think a bit of easier- good would be nice !!!!

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