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        navre on #935

        Sp this is my rant, ” Drags out the potuim sets up the VTK Banner, Hanging from the ceiling” So In brousing the site reading the forum posts I deem readable, ” Paces from left to right of the stage” granted some I skip mostly those in the humor section. I read and see the numbers of people that sign up to the site on a daily basis. Surf through the mierade of pictures posted. Then wander to the forum posts and what do you think I see. A non population ” my own phrase” people sign up spam the forums to rid them selfves of the title newbie smear thier picture all over the galleries ” some nice some I really give a fuck about” and then fall off into the waste land. I’m not talking about writing a reply to every post like M or nec. Hell I don’t even visit the site every day the gods know some of us….most of us have a job and that requires that once in a while we take a certian amount of time off for sebatical. But fuck people where ever you are you could at least do a little something more to contribute to the conversation on the forum hell you could prolly could the number of regular posters on this site on one hand if not that two hands. I wish there was some way of tracking who and when some one logged on to the site and did something meaningful like umm I don’t know talk maybe.Some have drifted some have flat fallen off the face of the earth. Shyt happnes we know this we somewhat expect this, we can at least say we enjoyed the time they spent here enriching every ones experiance. But those who just sign up Spam and run what do they contribute, what quality of theirs can we say we enjoyed. Thats like signing a petion for something you have no idea about or voting on a blank ticket and assuming it all went well, and then bitching when shyt goes bad and smoking gets banned and you were stupid enough to think that your brand of smoking would be excempt simply because you were ignorant enough to think your habbit would be excempt simply because you don’t classify it as a bad habbit or the same bad habbit as the rest of us have. Yes, M I know a ghost popluation is better then no population and it is a fact that I must consign myself with. But DAMN IT!!!!!! a person can rant ” this is why we have this after all is it not” and dream that one day..” shakes his fist in the air ” one day some one will hop in say some thing other then in the introductions maybe spam one picture then begin to have a real convro with people. A wise American president once said )) when you reach the end of your rope tie a knot in it and hang on (( T. Roesevelt well damn it teddy im tired of hanging on and playing chicken. Slaughter the foul have a feast and fuck all with the feathers……. Thank you and good night

        Nicholas Nav`re

        P.S and yes i regularly crawl the site in search of everything new. Rant that. ” folds up the platform and takes down his banner”

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        withdrawalfx on #7053

        you know, with the way things are going these days, I actually forgot that there were times that the US of A had a WISE president…
        thanks for reminding me, my northern neighbour 🙂

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        insidedistuo on #7054

        well, I have noticed on the times Ive been on, there are a lot of new members and only a few are posting. 🙁
        But , I really can’t say anything …. I posted no introduction upon my arrival here and met people pretty much one at a time .. LOL..
        But , that was just my way of easing into an established community.. it can be a little intimidating…
        so if anyone whos new happens upon this post… please feel free to introduce yourself and
        tell us you are here… you will love meeting the members here, they are all really great people..

        We don’t bite …lol.. * unless thats what your into… 😈

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        sweetlust on #7055


        …Your words…in your poems are beautiful…I like to read them..alot…so..please?…don’t be sad?…I’ll talk with you…I mean…if you’d like…No one seems to…well…talk very much here…

        🙁 😳

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