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        so i dont have anything to rant about other than maybe when i see this post tomorrow i will scold myself severly for the poor grammar punction and other wise just all around bad englis. but as of right now i dont care. i am in some strange land between extremely hyper and tired sleeping tired stuff. its weird. i dont know why but i jsut kinda feel ilke abling. i keep typing here and other place sto people and i know i make little if am senes but i keep going becaise i cant seem to stop. maybe i ust need to get al my i dunno… stuff… ill tink of something to call it later. i dont know why im so wheeeeeeeeeeeee. but i am i had a rockstar unt it usually doesnt do anything like this to me and i had it at like 11 this morning and it is now 1 am. i shouldd go to bed i have to work in the morning. i have a job monw. i went to orientation today. its nothing fancy. just a job to put a little money in the pocket but hey money is money and since it is summer and classes are out it means i actually have full time hours, 8 hour shifts, hooray more money. and i dont mean to sound like a greedy son of a whore but im a college student and college is fucking expensive and i live in a metro now, whre the uni is, that consits of 8 MILLION people which probally really isnt that much compared to other places i dont know, but everything is spread out as shit. a short drive is 20-30 minutes. you have to get on the freeway almost everywhere you go. oh did i ever mention this scool is in the ficking desert. hot as hell. and its already reached higher than average temperatures. usually this time of year its only 90 buts its already broken 110, those are farenheight for any not.. well here not that one couldnt guess as much. 90 c just stick me in the over fricken bah i need to find the time to go and get a shorter post put in my tongue. i still have the orgianl one they peirced it with in and that means its huge and bugging the living daylights out of me. how stupid do you have to be to trry and pplay with a rattle snake . genius. i went to a resteraunyt the other day, offered 110 different beers. thats a whole lot of beer. and there are actually people who have tried all 110 beers in a single sitting. how many places have that many different kinds of beer i wonder. mayber something to waste some time looking up later tomorrow. this new adam sandler movie for which the trailer has played like 20 times in the last five co0mmercial sets looks really crappy. then again i was never really a big adam sandler fan. hm i suppose twenty sporadic on and off miutes of rambling is quite enough amd besides i need to at least attempt to sleep so i dont fall over at work tomorrow.

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