It’s the end of the world


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    maestro on #1220

    as we know it, i feel fine:

    In the next hours, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider will be activated and either give us more insight into the workings of the big bang OR spit out black holes that will destroy our lives, civilisations, planet and generally give us a bad time.

    We at VTK HQ look forward to the universal destruction of everything, but just incase you grow bored while waiting for your friends and family to desintegrate check out our pics of the 2008 Zombiewalk in Düsseldorf, Germany – a feat that could likely be repeated in the next days. If, for some devlishly reason, we’re still here tomorrow we wish you a good night and remember VTK Forumsare open around the clock for some pre-apocalyptic idea exchange about life in the underverse.

    Good night and while “bending the beamsdon’t cross the streams!

    maestro on #8100

    Check out for updates on the impending hadronic mayhem

    coldblood on #8101

    End of the world or huge insight, either way, it’ll be fucking awesome.

    necromancerza on #8102

    Zombies just always seem to have better fashion sense than me. Where do they shop, prior to getting down with the sickness?

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