is this true????

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        sxcbitch on #936

        god and the devil 😈 are the same. the soul difference is that the devil 😈 only inflicts pain on those who deserve it……

        please help me with this i dont care if you agree or not i just wana here you views…

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        insidedistuo on #7056

        hmmm. well, that is an interesting concept… but I for one have had quite a few experiances I did nothing to deserve that caused considerable pain. πŸ˜•
        Bad things happen to innocent people all the time , but is that God testing us? or the devil exerting his wrath ?
        I think the whole thing is more of a balance between good and evil.. and the fact that light can not exist without dark…
        something along those lines anyway… lol..

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        sxcbitch on #7057

        there is a passage in the bible that says god flooded the earth to kill the ppl that didnt blv in him…and which one is evil??? ppl think that the devil is evil because he is a fallen angel, how can we tel these things??? am i evil because im a satinest???

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        navre on #7058

        unfortunetly I can not provide any annswer as to weather or not ” god and the devil” are the same person I can only say that as a )) wiccian (( who belives in a nature based faith I can provide this bit of information. Nature, It is neither evil or good, It is both nature has the propensity to do great works of “good” and baleful acts of “Evil” when it comes down to it good and evil are a matter of perspective just as religion is. and how magic is neither black nor white, but it is the impodyment of its intent.

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        necromancerza on #7059

        Good and Evil is a concept designed by us.
        To assure our space in the chaotic order of the universe.

        How “good” or “evil” you are would depend upon your upringing and the circumstances that surround your life. Eg. steel food not to starve … evil? If so, would steeling foor for others be? How about steeling food from starving people to give to your starving family?

        In my opinion the word Evil can in many instances be replaced with “human nature” and the word Good “human hope”

        Now I now you get people like serial killers out there that everyone would shout evil unclean at, but are they not just handycaped in a sence? I have even heard someone suggest they they might be evolution.

        Note that I did not bring devil or god into this as i`m a athiest.

        Now where do I put the soap box Navre?

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        navre on #7060

        you can put the soap box back where you found it….. THIEF get your own…..NO KITTY KITTY MUH SOAP BOX…… MOM!!!!! Kitty kitty’s being a dildo…

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        necromancerza on #7061

        I know a kitty kitty who`s sleeping with mommy tonight πŸ˜‰

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        robc666 on #7062

        I think there is no devil, only a god who couldnt give a toss about mankind.
        Think about it, god creates the universe and everything in it. He can move thourgh time at will, and be everywhere all the time. Why would a being of such power give a singal fuck about mankind, to him we’re nothing more than a science experiment, a bunch of ants crawling over an ant-hil. God doesn’t care because he doesn’t have to to, simple as that.
        And think about this, if you were god with all these amazing powers, would you give a crap about a bunch of lowley ants?

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