International Relations Theory and the Zombiecalypse

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        maestro on #1341

        More and more researchers jump on the bandwagon of critical applicability in case of “Zombie Apocalpyse” to give their fruitlessarguably useful science an image of relevancy.

        The whole thing took off with canadian statisticians devising a formula describing the growth of zombie populations and now encompasses probably every faculty that somehow can’t siphon off grant money from the Department of Defence for defeating the communists anymore.

        Latest example is “How international relations theory would cope with a zombie uprising“. Mr. Drezner nicely points out that everyone with half a brain could see the stats guys conclusions coming – the question is how to deal with them:

        Regardless of individual traits or domestic instiutions, human and zombie actors alike are subject to the same powerful constraint of anarchy. Therefore, the fundamental character of world politics would not be changed. Indeed, it might even be tactically wise to fashion temporary alliances with certain zonbie states as a way to balance against human states that try to exploit the situation with some kind of idealistic power grab made under the guise of “anti-zombieism.”


        This would give states a great opportunity to cooperate on the issue by quickly fashioning a World Zombie Organization (WZO) that would codify and promnulgate rules on how to deal with zombies. Alas, the effectiveness of the WZO would be uncertain. If the zombies had standing and appealed any WZO decision to wipe them out, we could be talking about an 18-month window when zombies could run amok without any effective regulation whatsoever.

        Fortunately, the United States would likely respond by creating the North American F*** Zombies Agreement — or NAFZA — to handle the problem regionally. Similarly, one would expect the European Union to issue one mother of a EU Directive to cope with the issue, and handle questions of zombie comitology. Indeed, given that zombies would likely be covered under genetically modified organisms, the EU would trumpet the Catragena Protocol on Biosafety in an “I told you so” kind of way. […] Oh, and British beef would once again be banned as a matter of principle.

        More on an individual level, Art of Manliness has a poll going on about which gun to tote and which girl to bang when the zombies come

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        insidedistuo on #8304

        LOL… yes the American organization I can totally see… sadley, that would happen.
        but I am sure we would get with WHO ….. and blame it on elephant crap from long lost caves, mixing with the Guano of various bat spices and human spit or something like that.
        as we all know conspiracy theorys are rather rampid here.

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