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    ashiri on #1149

    i need interesting questions to ask my boyfriend. 😈 any suggestions?

    necromancerza on #7878

    Now I have a question to ask … What is your objective?
    Where have you been and how have you been?

    dark_child on #7879

    What do you think of me now Bitch?

    necromancerza on #7880

    When measuring the speed at which far-flung galaxies move, do scientists factor in account that they are seeing the way the galaxies moved in the past?

    ashiri on #7881

    my objective is to make a quiz for him of…..*coughs*…….interesting questions never asked 😈
    i’ve been busy. i dont have a lot of time to get on the computer anymore, so it makes it difficult to talk. ive been doing quite well, missing all of you, but lifes been treating me well. what about you guys? if ever you want go ahead and pm me,

    insidedistuo on #7882

    ask him if he was on a bus of queers would he get off??

    * pc note… I have nothing against any sexual prefrence 🙄 thank you.

    dark_child on #7883

    Quiz of him like one those that are surpppose to see how well that other person knows you???? Personally IO I would see who I would have to sit with first….lol And life is forever changing and forever unchanging for me…

    insidedistuo on #7884

    lol. nice answer DC… and glad to see you again , it’s been a while..
    you are always so poetic in your speech… I love it
    !!! 8)

    maestro on #7885

    @ashiri wrote:

    i need interesting questions to ask my boyfriend. 😈 any suggestions?

    Do you deny that the Soviet Union has placed and is placing missiles in Cuba? Don’t wait for the translation, yes or no?

    I am prepared to wait for your answer till Hell freezes over, if that’s your decision!

    viscious-vixen on #7886

    Which do you prefer?

    The green lampshade on the dog, or the orange tutu on the cat?
    I’m particularly partial to the pink paint job on he fish.. but we can’t all have everything…

    ~ Kitty C.

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