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    dark_child on #1227

    To all that have loved and known him,

    Hunter aka Michael Daniel Lee Booth died September 21, 2008. He was born July 31, 1989. This is in memory of the greatest man that ever lived.

    maestro on #8106

    I remember how you two were talking for hours in the middle of the night, beeing pretty much the only ones ever using the chatroom

    He was the finest guy, i’m so very sad that he left 🙁

    dark_child on #8107

    Yeah this site meant alot to him and to us. We lived apart when we were talking at all hours of the morning and night and this place kept us in contact better. Thank you Maestro.

    necromancerza on #8108

    Explain. What happened while I was gone DC?
    In any event, Hunter will be missed. Strength to the famili & our DC.

    insidedistuo on #8109

    I am so sorry to hear this news….. 😥 he was aslways so nice and wrote beautiful words here …
    he will be missed.

    maestro on #8110

    Thank you, it means a lot to me that it meant something to someone.

    Hope you’ll be ok

    dark_child on #8111

    He commited sucide Necro. And I can’t tell you why cause I don’t know. Yes IO I miss his voice very much. Thanks you all for your consoling words.

    necromancerza on #8112

    You allways have us if you ever need to chat, We are here for you.

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