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        clockworkorange on #184

        dont think my last post worked, i make up dolls in a goth style heres one, also working on a site of my own, will post on here when finished

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        clockworkorange on #2047

        as you know i am doing a website for goth dolls, my husband and i are having a dispute over this, up till now i have been putting jewellry on the dolls which has been cut down to fit them, not proper jewellry but bits and bobs made into jewellry, well he thinks we should get a proper necklace and not attach it or cut it down but leave it normal length and then if someone wants to they could use the doll as a holder for the necklace and then they could wear it themselves, just wondered what idea you think better…

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        maestro on #2048

        well, leaving it in a wearable length for humans would surely enhance the “usability” behind the dolls…but then who cares for that when you buy a doll 😉

        but prollie more people than you think..and people who would buy the doll for getting the necklace and stuff – i mean as kinda bonus to the dool…you should give it a try

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