gay guys

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        bitches_and_fucks on #335

        they are hot
        they are soo kewl
        and they know whats happening

        who doesnt lov’em


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        maestro on #3391

        what makes them hot? the overdone gayness or the plucked eyebrows ?

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        vamp21 on #3392

        gay guys r so hot im gay they make me so horney who wrote this please reply to me asap i thought i was the only one here

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        lady_demornay on #3393

        The above post has to be one of the oddest I have ever read.

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        maestro on #3394

        aye, it is 😕

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        ashiri on #3395

        yes gay guys are cool for the most part but i wont go as far as to say they are hot.
        i agree with you m.

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        withdrawalfx on #3396

        what does sexuality have to do with all this?

        Being gay doesn’t change a person save for who they want to get in the sack with.
        with most gay or bi guys I know you just don’t notice until they start hitting on some dude.
        Now if you’re refering to the overly feminine kind… they kind of annoy me after a while, as do those whom are too extravagant with all that stereotypical gay shit.
        If that’s what makes them hot then I really don’t understand you people 😯

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        robc666 on #3397

        I dont like gay guys. No through any homophobic fear but because i’m too ugly to be one.

        As the Bloodhound Gang would say, ‘I wish i was queer so i could get chicks’.

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        maestro on #3398

        And that’s it! For girls they’re “cute” and “nice”, but the only thing they really are is gay, their ‘sexiness’ purely consists of not wanting to fuck a female at all.

        This must be a result of the notion most girls have that sex is something intimate, either they leave it to their partner or pick a stranger they are unlikely having to deal with again, just so they don’t have to meet someone they fucked with on a friendship basis again. Because that would be “awkward” – as if anyone besides them would care.

        That’s where gays come into play, because they would be perfect friends for these girls (repetition in lack of another word for “not-grown up women”) since they would of course in no way be sexually interested in them. But then their sudden not really understandable lack of interest on the other side scratches on the egos of the same girls who first liked them for not liking them, so they pretty much find them hot because they’re unavailable and not because they’re that good looking or friendly or anything.

        It’s like bisexual japanese twins, it doesnt really matter that they’re japanese, but it gets the same unavailablity bonus.

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        robc666 on #3399

        so to sumarise, what you’re saying is that women are completely insane?

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        necromancerza on #3400

        so to sumarise, what you’re saying is that women are completely insane?

        😯 Maetro said Girls .. not woman. From a man`s point of view, yes. But to them all is good and well. As they dont quite understand the literalness of men they are cunfused by us too.
        Woman are under the fals understanding that men have hidden agenda`s, which we clearly do not.

        Well the guys anyway. I can enjoy a lesbian show any day , for a while , but then it gets a bit boring as I want in on the action too 🙁 .
        Everyone is forgetting the “Homus Uglus Nerdus” here. As not all lesbians are pleasant to look at, the same goes for guys.

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        maestro on #3401

        @Robc666 wrote:

        so to sumarise, what you’re saying is that women are completely insane?

        The very essence of everything i ever thought or wrote.

        Aside of that necro is right, “women” at least tend to know what they are up to themselves and, most important of all, know their worth.
        They tend to know fun now is better than waiting for someone who will never come (at least not anywhere near them^^) and life took that “daddy’s princess” behaviour off them. Which makes them much more attractive – and for the same reason very immune to the questionable charms of gay guys in favour of the real thing.

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        robc666 on #3402

        i think i understand. What makes a woman so attractive is the fact that she knows herself, that she doesnt need to play games in order to discover her own worth.
        It makes sense, when we become adults sooner or later we have to put away childish things.

        Thanks for that.

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        maestro on #3403

        Not all childish things of course, USB missle launchers are perfectly ok

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        robc666 on #3404

        That is so cool i want one. M, you are right, not all childish things should be put aside. It’s the secret to long life, acting like a kid unril the day you die!
        Although i still think women, and girls, are insane, it’s what makles them so damn attractive.

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