*Curiously…*…Not to be repetitive…but…*


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    sweetlust on #1152


    …Not to be repetitive…but….Where IS everyone?… 🙁 😳

    necromancerza on #7896

    On my way to bed .. have work tomorrow and it is getting late here.

    maestro on #7897

    Taking pictures of lovely women

    joe on #7898

    People won’t always be on the same time as you; just leave a PM or post and come back a few hours later to check for a reply

    ps: Making comments such as ‘where is everyone’ or ‘nobody ever comes here’ is a pretty negative thing and makes newcomers feel like this site has no one come here, but they do.

    Have fun 😀
    -Joe the Chatroom Mod.

    insidedistuo on #7899

    I am just starting my day 😕
    if I lived in a perfect world I would be just going to bed at the moment and getting up when the sun sets… but alas.. this is not the case..
    ahhh. so waiting to win the lottery!! * where are my damn sunglasses???

    necromancerza on #7900

    IO I think these girls have that sorted out …

    Kids .. for more information on flexable working hours in a non drug and abuse free career, do not see your guidance councilor … I repeat … do not see your guidance councilor. Grab your boots and mini skirt and head off to your local pimp for good career opportunities.

    insidedistuo on #7901

    I was speaking more of a VAMPire lifestyle not a TRAMPvire lifestyle.. LOL
    but you sound like a pimp recruiter… 😛
    do you get commision on theses girls or what???? 😉

    maestro on #7902

    @insidedistuo wrote:

    do you get commision on theses girls or what???? 😉

    We’re still figuring out the details.

    necromancerza on #7903


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