Curiousity killed the cat

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        nazli on #1270

        satisfaction brought it back.

        does anyone really come on here….?
        just curious because i havent seen much activity.. on the forums at least.
        or in the chat…

        another thing: has anyone here ever been apart of bloodcopy? or know what it is…? 🙄

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        insidedistuo on #8198

        it used to have more activity, but RL has infected me… and I think a few others 8)
        but welcome to the site , and I am sure you will meet everyone eventually…
        and its worth waiting I might add !!! 😈
        we are a unique bunch of people !

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        nazli on #8199

        Whats RL if I may ask…?

        And if you insist I will do so!


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        insidedistuo on #8200

        RL would be real life…. work, bills, ect. I was spending most all waking hours at my job,
        but hopefully I have more time to get online now… hope to catch you on soon 😛

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        nazli on #8201

        Oh, duh… well i will try to be around often as well

        hope to talk and catch you later as well


      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #8202

        Yes, people do watch and lurk here…


        ~ Kitty C.

      • Participant
        coldblood on #8203

        No one is ever on at the same time I am. Although I am quite surprised. I hadn’t checked back here in a week or so because there wasn’t anything going on and it’s like an explosion of activity.

      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #8204



        ~ Kitty C.

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        maestro on #8205

        That’s because we really like explosions a lot.

      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #8206


        Random events of explosions and stuff are best.

        ~ Kitty C.

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