Any single people out there? LOL

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        lovewithdiamonds on #560

        Imagine having to find yourself a spouse like this — ‘Are You A Terrorist With A Heart’?

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        maestro on #4922

        i can assure you there’s far worse stuff on the net


        oooh the pain! πŸ™

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        lovewithdiamonds on #4923

        <span style="font-size:12]

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        emissary on #4924

        lol… that’s too hard…
        i make such a sign for my window…

        but the woman doesn’t need to have a boat, she needs a scirocco… πŸ˜‰

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        vincent_the_red on #4925

        It’s not as if i want to sound like an idiot or anything but,
        what exactly is a scirocco?

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        lovewithdiamonds on #4926

        check it out here.

        I’m assuming this is what a scirocco is?

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        emissary on #4927

        Yesssss. you’re right, maestro and my baby…^^
        Watch here

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        brutal_artist on #4928

        well, at least talibans can choose their favrite colors

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        anubisdarkblade on #4929

        At least they don’t have to DIG Up a date. The whole Necro things a bit wild!

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        necromancerza on #4930


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        viscious-vixen on #4931

        Nec… I do believe you’ve been caught red handed… Or more… “Shroud In Hand”. 😈

        ~ Kitty C.

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        necromancerza on #4932

        Ahhh. I see you are digging up old dirt. (shallow graves are best) πŸ˜‰

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        viscious-vixen on #4933

        Without them, one simply cannot find out the extent of the human psyche.

        And it’s fun to scare the coroner and the police when they find them.

        ~ Kitty C.

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