Animal Cruelty…

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        insidedistuo on #809

        I hate people that are mean to animals….. more than I hate serial killers I think…
        there are two things in this world to treat with reverance one is animals and the other is children…
        to abuse a child .. or animal fills me with the greatest rage.. 👿
        100 Elephants were tusked by the border of Darfur region… recently..
        God what a loss… those beautiful creatures.. how greedy and callus are humans..
        killed for their tusks.. to make a buck… I would slit their throats myself…
        I dont believe in hell.. but there is a special place for those that defile innocence..
        and I really hope these type of people get it…
        I cant imagine a punishment worse enough…
        GRRRR>. i am too pissed to talk,,,

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        thesunsetter on #6254

        Yeah me too. I think tis really disgusting to think of how it still goes on for no reason other than science isn’t endless which they still deny. Really sick to think people can be okay with it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

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        insidedistuo on #6255

        Thanks for posting….
        I am sure most wont… but yea.. this is a trigger for me.. lol..
        thats what I went to school for after all .. catching child porn…
        lol.. and if i could somehow catch traders … all the better.. 😉

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        lovewithdiamonds on #6256

        preserving the innocence of children……i agree
        children and animals are sacred…nothing should be done to violate them, ever.

        Violators should be shot, hung, drawn and quartered.

        There is no excuse or justification for animal testing.

        Or child porn.


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        insidedistuo on #6257

        At the end of the cold war… when the race for biological weapons was in its prime,
        many animals were killed in the name of “science” trying to make a super bug.. or ultimate weapon..
        mixing such nasty bugs as small pox, and the plauge were common place, huge vats of genetic soup.. and of course this still goes on today.. behind the scenes.
        Ebola has been said to be the ultimate killer .. if they can figure out a way to stop it from burning out so fast.. lol. not sure where i was going with this.. 🙄
        but some great medical strides were made thanks to animals… so it’s a double edge sword.
        but testing makeup and such ….. with computers as advanced as they are today.. seems like there is a better way..

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        lovewithdiamonds on #6258

        I still dont think there’s ever any justification for testing on animals..

        at least people can consent to being test subjects…animals cant….

        i really dont think it’s right.

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