American Potato Chips

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        maestro on #694

        Since the local supermarket ran out of prepackaged tuna sandwiches i decided i’d have to get my daily junk food fix by wandering over to the potato chips stand:
        milk and chips – breakfast of champions, or people wanting to end it all.

        But since they’re having “american weeks” they replaced my active vulcano-grade red pepper plated potato chips of death with “Beef Chili Chips“.
        Beef Chili Chips are typical american in so far as there is not a single animal involved in the process of making them, yet they taste like a herd of cow carcasses with one single chili in between that mysteriously found it’s way up a cow’s ass and rot there. One bite and you’ll suffer from instant loss of the ability to taste, diarrhea and probably heart attack.

        What is it with you americans that you need to put “beef” taste in everything? And why do you need to export it to all kinds of unsuspecting countries? It’s not even close to real, it’s more like 80’s strawberry flavour trying to be orange ice cream with cranberries, served on wrigley’s spearmint bubblegums.

        I am not trying to blame you personally, but maybe have that in mind when you ask about the origin of global terrorism next time.

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        sunrava on #5621

        ROFL… I think you might have the answer hehehehehehehehe. As for me Im a Tims Cascade Wasabi chips fan. I never eat anything beef flavored unless it is beef, or a reasonable facsimile. Chips will never qualify.

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