All Hallows Eve plans ??


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    insidedistuo on #1101

    So whats everyone doing for Halloween? I am going to Netherworld, voted the #1 haunt in America… and its going to be a blast… 😈
    I plan to be Manson for halloween … or a gothic wench.. I dont know.. I love dressing up , and getting smashed on flaming Dr. Peppers..LOL so either way i am going to a few parties
    hope all of you have great plans..
    and can scare the crap out of at least one person !! 😉

    check it out…

    beautycastvixen on #7758

    A sexy pink Halo master chief!! If i can find the costume that is!!

    insidedistuo on #7759

    cool, sure you could make one…

    necromancerza on #7760

    What look you going for IO?
    Maby the topless drunk goth girl? Hehehe …
    Hope that look comes back into fasion soon! 😈

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