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    maestro on #790

    Since more and more youtube and google videos are posted in the forums, i’ll tell you now how to post them directly into the forums instead of just using a lame text link. I can’t be arsed to do it for you all the time 😉

    Next to the video, where the description is, is also a text field called “embed
    The content looks like this:“>

    All you need to do is copy the, or any other url in there starting with http and ending before ” via ctrl+c or right-click-copy

    Go to Your VTK post, click the button and ctrl+v or right-click-paste the url into the movie url field. Hit enter with the height and width, it’ll fit. Done,

    Similar goes for google video:

    On the right side of the video is a BLOG/MAIL/MYSPACE button, click it, then go to embed html and copy the url after src=” to ” and paste it as above.

    Remember, just copy the url which looks like

    That’s it, two seconds longer than just copying the url and you can show the video to people directly. 😀

    insidedistuo on #6143

    I have a feeling this was meant for me mostly …. LOL.. I didnt post the last one because of the annoying music…that comes up 23 sec.. before the video gets started… I have heard some that automatically start when you click on the forum.. and that annoys the piss out of me.. 😈 maybe bacause i am here too much??? lol
    but since I recently discovered how to do it… I get the hint… 😉 and I will post appropriatly.. maybe.. 😈

    insidedistuo on #6144

    Ok, . I watched the video… and no annoying music… 😳 ok.. whatever.. damn..
    I know nothing about web posting . lol.
    thanks for reposting it.. and I feel rather punished… LMAO…
    not that thats a bad thing,…. Heh…. 😈

    * Thank you may I have another??

    maestro on #6145

    I posted it because the use of videos in the different threads did rise in general

    This was intended as some kind of FAQ, otherwise i’d have PMed you or mentioned your name – and put it under rants 😉

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