I know you guys don't have anything else to do but search the site up and down for any trace of updates.
Still, for those who haven't noticed in the 4 seconds of it's existance and to avoid further questions i'll explain what the "µ" character next to the site map link in the site's footer (downish area) means:

Overwhelmed by the stupidity of people signing up at the most unimaginable things with their free VTK email addresses @vampyres.tk without even making the difference between mycoolnickname@vampyres.tk and icantrememberwheremyassis@vampires.tk and ( since i bought that, too) beeing in charge of a catchall address sending everything @vampires.tk directly into my inbox, i figured i get a pretty lot of spam lately.

Since the problem of internet spam is one we all know, i thought why shouldn't VTK work towards it's eventual demise and set up an account with projecthoneypot.org, who basically provide honey pot email accounts on their systems for email harvesting programs that crawl websites for email accounts and add them to spamlists.

Now those trap email accounts posted on the site linked to by the "µ" for those harvesters to see will consequentially be spammed and spammers will get sued their asses off eventually, which means they maybe stop crawling sites with such mechanisms in place.

Now i know i could've just told you "dont click it", but i also know it would have nagged on you.
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