zoo of untrue

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        maestro on #1014


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        robc666 on #7434

        That’s fantastic 😆
        Who the hell comes up with this stuff…and how come they have so much time on their hands? Are they nerds?
        Doesnt matter though, as long as the time is well spent, as it was in this case.

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        maestro on #7435

        @Robc666 wrote:

        Are they nerds?

        Worse. He’s got a blog..

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        robc666 on #7436

        What’s worse than nerd? Surely he can’t be a geek, i thought they’d been hunted to brink of extinction?

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        maestro on #7437

        Or are busy cosplaying as Nintendo NES cartriges

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        robc666 on #7438

        Which came first, the bird kind of cock, or the game show presenter type of cock?

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        withdrawalfx on #7439

        mint 😆

        the emperor penguins and the red fox cracked me up 8)

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