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    yurikai on #898

    Hi…I’m Yurikai or Yuri for short…..I don’t really know what you would like to know about me, so anything you want to know just ask…..hopefully I won’t throw you into my land of confusion 😈

    thesunsetter on #6872

    Greetings and welcome to this humble place in so many words. I’m sure you’ll have fun here, anything you want to know feel free with a slight service charge.
    Drink Guinness
    It gives you strength…

    maestro on #6873

    @yurikai wrote:

    land of confusion

    AWESOME! Finally someone who can appreciate the fact that Genesis are the true masters of the universe. Welcome to VTK :D!

    necromancerza on #6874

    Welcome to VTK.
    Enjoy your stay and all the site has to offer 🙂

    navre on #6875

    you know M he just might be talking about disturbed’s remake…..it’s not that bad 😛
    oh ps issued to all new members is a tattoo on der arse that says bite me VTK

    maestro on #6876

    well, the remake is pretty awesome, too 🙂

    now get the ink needles 8)

    navre on #6877

    all out of ink needles should have thought of that …..but as it happens I just so happen to have a cetian type of peircing needle handy

    dark_child on #6878


    lovewithdiamonds on #6879


    Make yourself useful and entertaining…and you’ll get along just fine here….

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