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        maestro on #1013

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        robc666 on #7426

        if miyagi says so, then we must obey.

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        necromancerza on #7427

        This sheds more light on the “Wax on” lesson 😈

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        robc666 on #7428

        Damn you, i wish i’d thought of that.

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        withdrawalfx on #7429

        Touché! 😛

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        robc666 on #7430

        Me? Nah…i’m just slow witted

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        withdrawalfx on #7431

        was talking about the comic.

        and it’s not your fault you’re slow *pats your head*
        we all know the beer is to blame for that 😉

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        robc666 on #7432

        Beer and loud metal have taken their toll…plus i’m getting old so that doesnt help.

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        maestro on #7433


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