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    insidedistuo on #669

    This is the best place I could think of to post this… but after clicking on a link from this site… 😆
    I have discovered my newest obsession …
    a vampire vs. werewolf game … complete with blood drinking vamps or flesh hording werewolves…
    you make your own character up.. you work for gold , battle, and raid innocent villages to satisfy your particular lust…. 😈
    whats better than that?? oh, yea…. it’s FREE…. 😯
    There are at least 6 people from the site on there all ready…. 😀 all vamps of course…
    I think we should plan a VTK takeover…
    so if you get on the game look for me
    VTKWarrior 👿

    vincent_the_red on #5468

    If you’d like to join as a Vampire, please feel free to use this link to sign up. The game’s a lot of fun, and can get addicting quick. 😉


    To all who join, have fun.


    necromancerza on #5469

    My Link is better 😈 😉

    sunrava on #5470

    Crap you mean I gotta pick a side? Why cant we all just get along?

    Down with MORTALS!!! leave the war alone.

    necromancerza on #5471

    Crap you mean I gotta pick a side? Why cant we all just get along?

    Now how boring would that be 😯 ❓

    viscious-vixen on #5472

    There’s nothing like ripping off a Lupine’s head or dis-embowling a vampire to make you sigh with pleasure and happily continue living.

    soulrain on #5473

    ohhh. i so love this game! new addiction indead. hehe. 😈

    insidedistuo on #5474

    Since I was the first one to get on this thing I thought I would post this link to a good help site… easier to read than the forums, you might find the answers to the questions we are trying to figure out… 😛
    sentinels, battles and clan info are all here.. 🙄
    your welcome

    AKA MOM to many of you … 😈


    thesunsetter on #5475

    The Sunsetter has spawned in there too lol, any good clans, or up to start one form the this lovely site?…

    vincent_the_red on #5476

    I’ve already started one. It’s called the VTK Bloodfiends, and anyone who’s in VTK is welcome to join, as long as they can meet the level requirement that will be in place by July 9. Once you join the clan, just message me on the game, and let me know what you’d like to be called for your ranking.

    thesunsetter on #5477

    sweet! will do, i suck at it so far though lol…

    thesunsetter on #5478

    i can’t find them clan, lol, i searched for VTK Bloodfiends and i can’t find it anywhere…

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