VTK slogan contest

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        maestro on #549

        For years we spread the word about this site in descriptive little sentences around the net.

        Now the time of descriptive phrases and fitting remarks is over, as is the time where we admins did everything alone: so we challenge you, the members of this website to come up with unique, witty and creative slogans we can use for this website. They must be fitting and preferably short to fit on a banner.
        Don’t act as if you couldn’t come up with some cutting remarks

        Hint: “I’m loving it” won’t cut it

        Of course there will be a prize (which actually is the sole purpose of this contest beeing carried out):

        The best slogan which can be turned into a successful ad campaign while fitting to this site gets awarded with a prize that fits to VTK like no other:

        The kickass devil duckie, VTK Edition:

        The contest runs for one month and the winner can decide between a purple devil duckie or it’s sister, a pirate duckie, ARRR!!

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        necromancerza on #4836

        VTK dominates by default …
        We have class πŸ˜‰

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        maestro on #4837

        come on people, you aren’t letting him win are you πŸ˜‰

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        maestro on #4838

        V.TK : Sex, Lies and Bondage Tape

        V.TK : All your sluts are belong to us

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        bloodyabortion on #4839

        Born in sin, come on in

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        vincent_the_red on #4840

        Guardians of the Midnight Sun

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        bloodyabortion on #4841

        VTK: Sluts choose blood. Sluts choose us.
        VTK: Because we are perverse enough

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        navre on #4842

        For Those That haunt the Shadows,

        Come Dance with Devil’s Amid the Moon’s Silvery Light

        😈 ” Normal ” Is all about Perception 😈

      • Participant
        necromancerza on #4843

        VTK …… I Rest My Case.
        VTK ….. You Know You Want To.
        This Has Nothing To Do With VTK

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        porncat on #4844

        8) VTK… the community site for people who know , or want to know 😈

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        necromancerza on #4845

        VTK – HTTP 500 – Internal server error

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        viscious-vixen on #4846

        V.TK – Need I say More?
        V.TK – Ow3nEd!
        V.TK – You couldn’t cut it here

        – Get some lube, you’re V.TK’s bitch now!
        – Have been, Have seen, Ain’t leavin’.

        VR can’t hold a candle ( re-mix with any “vampire” site)

        – First dibs on the N00b!
        – Not for Sophomores!
        – Cutting Wit? Dripping Sarcasm? Come on in, We’ve been waiting.


        And the old Favourite ” V.TK – We are Watching “

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        necromancerza on #4847

        VTK – great minds … greater ego`s
        VTK – Free porn πŸ™‚
        VTK – I want the purple duck !
        VTK – Not for the weak of mind.
        VTK – Cast not a shadow in the sun.
        VTK – Devided by oceans … United in cause.
        VTK – Deviate from the sheep 😈

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        maestro on #4848

        did i mention VTK claims ownership on all contest participations?

        you’re free to remove them if you don’t like that πŸ˜‰

      • Participant
        necromancerza on #4849

        VTK claims ownership


      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #4850

        VTK – I 4ve b33n oWn3d!

        End of Story.

      • Participant
        redragon on #4851

        “VTk… Written in blood & Carved in stone”
        Thats all I can think of at the moment… but I think it sort of has a ring to it… and I want that duckie…lol

      • Participant
        ashiri on #4852

        @maestro wrote:

        VTK claims ownership


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        maestro on #4853

        only days left, hurry up!

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        maestro on #4854


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        navre on #4855

        Another joins the fold, those who shall be named,
        Children of the Night.

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        maestro on #4856


      • Participant
        redragon on #4857

        “The Forever Damned”

      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #4858

        The V.tk Army : We’ll take care of them for you. 😈

      • Participant
        necromancerza on #4859

        VTK – Asimilate me …….

      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #4860

        VTK : You’re royally fucked now mate!

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        maestro on #4861

        @Viscious-Vixen wrote:

        royally fucked

        Ahh, someone finally acknowledging maestro is a raving Queen.

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        maestro on #4862

        watch out, you’re risking your duck 😑

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        necromancerza on #4863

        What We Reap, Is What You Sow 😈

      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #4864

        So.. Who won?

        Isn’t it over?

      • Participant
        thesunsetter on #4865

        VTK – Your mother liked me last night, you’ll like our website this morning :D…

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