VTK downtime

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        maestro on #880

        As you may have noticed the server acted up yesterday, this was due to him beeing bored and taking a day off, so you need to post more to keep him entertained.

        There is also a technical reason but i can’t be arsed to write it down

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        necromancerza on #6756

        Dont fear Meastro .. I`ll have a go at the technical reason.

        Here goes:
        Somebody spilled “juce” on the server.
        There will be no further comments untill the official investigation …….. which will commence shortly ……. on 26-05-2100

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        insidedistuo on #6757

        Ahhh. juice eh??? LMAO….. what particular type of juice might this be?? hmmm?

        There is really no telling since I happen to know on good authority the server is female..
        and probably got tired of putting up with various forms of shit on a regular basis….
        from all the male servers she comes in contact with…

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        maestro on #6758

        Could explain why it acts like a bitch

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