USAF aircraft ID chart

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        maestro on #965

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        robc666 on #7159

        lol, thanks for that you’ve just made my day

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        withdrawalfx on #7160

        guess they were really interested in the weather in Iraq in the last few years, weren’t they? 🙄

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        necromancerza on #7161

        Yes .. looking for rain and found oil .. how convenient 🙄

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        maestro on #7162

        haha 😀

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        robc666 on #7163

        well they sure as shit didnt find any weapons of mass destruction, maybe Sadam swallowed them when the Americans invaded. Has anyone done an autopsy?

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        maestro on #7164

        If black-market selling him piecewise to collectors like parts of the german wall counts as one..

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        robc666 on #7165

        It does indeed. I think i’ll buy his tash ‘cos it looked like a giant leech.

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