Trade your soul for instant money!

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        maestro on #1298

        A scheme widely believed to be a trademark of a very dear friend recently got worldly competition when a Latvian firm started accepting souls as guarantees for loans:

        Riga-based firm, named Kontora, does not require credit history record or proof of employment. It grants loans of 50 to 500 Latvian lats ($100 to $1,000) to any adult after he or she signs the a very short agreement.

        According to the agreement, the only security required of the borrower is their immortal soul, which they are asked to confirm as their previously unmortgaged property.[…]

        The period of full repayment is 90 days, and in case the borrower fails to return the money, the creditor gets full possession of his soul.


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        viscious-vixen on #8257

        If only I had one! *sighs*


        ~ Kitty

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        necromancerza on #8258

        How much do you guys think i`ll be worth? …
        Rate my sole … ?

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