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    navre on #569

    Shameless unabaited totaly biased self promotion….

    the prostetution of my poetic works to various publishers has paid off. on the 23rd of march 2006 I recived my pre-release copy of the book that I have been published in….page one I might add….. ‘case your wondering the book is called twilight musings…and is sloted to hit shelves in the late summer eairly fall this year and what to i have to say to all of this my english teachers were wrong feck you ” middle finger” 😈

    sunrava on #4969

    It is truly a glorious day my brother. Congratulations and kudos to you. I cant wait to get a copy of my brothers first publishing.

    maestro on #4970

    holy shit, good job man 😀 !

    necromancerza on #4971

    Great job Navre….. 🙂 🙂
    Glad VTK owns such talented people 😈

    ashiri on #4972

    i must say i cant wait to read it. 😉

    miyoko on #4973

    because your poetry is so damn…amazing, navre, i am much looking forward to read that book! congratulations! it is truly a long-awaited day when one so talented is discovered and accepted by publishers.

    lovewithdiamonds on #4974

    that’s amazing… congratulations… now all you need to do is release recordings of yourself reading your poetry…that would be amazing…. 😉 ❗ 😆

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