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        maestro on #627

        Life could be awesome if people wouldnt steal my cigarette lighters all the time

        Every normal human can buy a lighter and use it until it’s broken, or plain empty. Some use their shit expensive zippo’s for decades without ever losing track of it’s current place.
        Not me. Wherever i go, whatever i do, i return without a lighter – only to have my friends handing them back to me, weeks later, EMPTY.

        If i get to wake up at my girlfriend’s place and, by heavenly accident, still have a few JP’s with me that haven’t fallen victim to someone else’s breakfast, you can be damn sure there’s not a single match in the whole house – of which there are millions when she’s there and not at work, where she obviously has the job to initiate wood fires if you go by the number of cigarette lighters she gets out of her pockets every time she returns home.

        Even if i’m a littlebit sluggish in handling small stuff ( i was notorious for losing a million hair ties a day – half of them not my own ) , how can my whole social environment act as my friends when in reality they see only some kind of cheap Gazprom in me?!
        And the ONE time a day you try to run away with your gf’s lighter you’re the mean great satan that only exploits her goodwill and friendlyness.

        I could have bought British Petrol with the money i spent for cigarette lighters there

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        dark_child on #5264

        That sucks. I’m glad I don’t smoke and my lighters are more like torches so people don’t use them. Also God forbid if anyone steals it 👿

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        necromancerza on #5265

        Hey Maestro .. had the same problem with the lighters …
        Solved it by buying 3 at a time.
        1 for my car
        1 for my house
        1 to carry around.

        I am now sitting with 6 in my possetion. 🙂
        Anyone need a light? 😈

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        belos on #5266

        I have you beat….I have a little bin, with 17 in it (I counted)

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        vincent_the_red on #5267

        So I should assume Belos, that it’s you who keeps taking all of my lighters.


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        sunrava on #5268

        17? Thats nothin I have more than 30 floating around me and my dwelling at any given time. Different makes, colors, and 2 pipe lighters for when I smoke my pipe. Damn expensive for lighters but man are they handy.

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        maestro on #5269

        Pipe ighters? i use a jet lighter, how does a pipe lighter look?

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        navre on #5270

        pipe lighters have little crooks in them so you dont have to turn it to light the pipe and burn your fingers…and I would be one of those zippo toating type you speak of and ill be damed if any one walks off with it……..30 bucks to a lighter you know damn well we keep track of it

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        maestro on #5271

        I could have betted on the zippo part 😉

        Hm, seems like i need to find one of those, as the jet lighters always burn away all the tobacco and normal lighters just plainly suck

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        navre on #5272

        ))I could have betted on the zippo part ((

        And just what are we trying to say here hmmmm…. 👿

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