There will be Batman 3 (7?)

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        maestro on #1316

        In what’s hardly news but first time stated for a fact, there will be another Batman movie (i lost count of them, blame the rebootery)

        Hey guys, I’m sitting here in the Warner Brothers panel showing all their upcoming films, something of which I’ll report more about later, but I had to dive in to give you a bit of news you ALL have been waiting for.

        There was a bit about the new film from the Hughes Brothers, “The Book of Eli” with the cast in attendance including Gary Oldman in his first ever Comic Con appearance. The shocker was, in response to a question, Oldman, in a moment that felt like somebody somewhere is going “AW CRAP, OLDMAN SPILLED THE BEANS”, said that the new Batman film starts filming next year.

        Batman may be rid of all the main villains, but you know how it is – one can always be rid-ler.

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        viscious-vixen on #8284

        Fan Bois….


        Fan bois….

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        necromancerza on #8285

        Batman : The Lestat years?

        Who is this Lestat anyway?

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