The Jewelry and the ink are just souvenirs

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        navre on #899

        The shirt reads,… It’s all about the pain, the jewelry and the ink are just souvenirs. Ink is a well documented addiction, just talk to anyone who has more then a few tats. Some people argue that peircings are just as addictive. Now I don’t know if that is true, but if it’s the case, well then I’m fixed for a while least on the modicum of pain aspect. Cause dear ole johnny went out and did something he has been thinking about… oh for a while now. And I quote ” check this out if this is anything but painless I’ll be the first mother-fucker to bitch up…” end quote. I lied… The actual act was indeed very painless, that is unless you count the feeling of getting rodded… then there is the numbing shock phase where you don’t feel a damn thing. ))the pain less part lasts about two to three hours.(( Johnny is past that now and is well into the part of pissing razor blades. There is something inherently wrong with being told your most favorite part of your anatomy is going to bleed slightly for about two to three days, standing there with a ok what-ever smirk on your face and being perfectly fine with this little tid bit of information. So I suppose the following statements can be one called a complete lie, and second the absolute truth. One, I wouldn’t do it if it hurt… Second, It is all about the pain, the jewelry and the ink are souvenirs. ” something to prove that you have done this or that and survived.


        Johnny… “The homicidal maniac”

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        sunrava on #6880

        All hail Ny, right now dammit.

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