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    maestro on #1238

    While our inconspicuous semi-detached HQ bunker in Germany gives us quite some suburban cover story, what the Maestromobile leaves of the garage is simply not enough space to house a Q-branch style VTK tech shop, outfitting our ninja agents with the latest self-inflammatory iphones.

    In what can only be called a fateful coincidence, BT is selling a Mile of London Tunnels – for a pretty modest $7.4m. Please send your donations to [email protected] , thank you

    “For sale: a vast tunnel complex in central London. Former tenants include BritainÒ€ℒs secret service, the famous hot line between America and the Soviet Union during the cold war and 400 tons of government documents. […] the complex still has a bar and two canteens, not in use, and a billiard room, not to mention functioning water and electricity supplies.

    The tunnels were built during World War II as bomb shelters for about 8,000 people and were designed to allow them to survive for five weeks shut off from the outside world. “

    The old saying “what’s good for Military Intelligence should also be suitable for” fully applies here – once we hired some strippers, got rid of that 70’s orange and all those pesky people knowing the exact location we can go back to what we always do:

    Hijack some nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage!


    necromancerza on #8117

    Well I’m in.

    insidedistuo on #8118

    LOL. me too. I think a bunker would be cozy πŸ˜† I can decorate it for christmas….

    maestro on #8119

    We’d have red and purple flashing beacons, candybar-striped markings on all protruding surfaces and the machine gun post at the entrance would yell “freeze! Christmas!” and fire tinsel on everyone entering the structure.

    Outside the neighbourhood would be festively decorated by VTK banners on all streetlamps and be under constant fake snow bombardment by VTK “Peacemaker” VTOL aircraft. It’d rock.

    necromancerza on #8120

    Guys, I`m feeling lazy.
    Cant we just go in bunker .. nuke world .. and it all will be ours?
    brb .. Depleted uranium shipment.

    maestro on #8121

    Someone just volunteered for the part of the Grinch.

    Who once a year – in a VTK-controlled environment – is responsible for the honourable task of collecting the fag tax. Every male indiviual not beeing inherently Scottish is required to wear pants. First time offenders of skirt adornment will be laid upon a fee, not for wearing skirts but for prolonged survival afterwards. Second time offenders are declared enemy combatantettes.

    insidedistuo on #8122

    LOL necro grinch ??? I like it!!! but I was thinking more of trip wires with a few small marburg virus clusters and maybe some russian smallpox,plauge combo ornements on the walls???
    lets make them work to get in 😈
    we could put them in small christas bulbs??? just a thought .

    necromancerza on #8123

    @necromancerza wrote:

    Guys, I`m feeling lazy.
    Cant we just go in bunker .. nuke world .. and it all will be ours?
    brb .. Depleted uranium shipment.

    IO .. Virus.. plague? I distrust anything I cannot see, and does not make pretty boom.
    -M , Can guys with breast implants i go directly to the latter catagory?

    insidedistuo on #8124

    ok , the guy with pretty boobs?? kinda gross.. and looked like it came from your computer???? 😯
    but I know booms are more exciting but I prefer biological weapons… they can be sooo creative!
    ebola is my favorite , really. probably wouldnt be if I was infected though LOL

    necromancerza on #8125

    No it was was some random blogger. I dont have a Folders like that .. this is a clean pc πŸ˜‰ 😈 πŸ˜†

    coldblood on #8126

    1st. manboobs – disturbing.
    2nd. sure viruses can be fun, but they’re also a little more tricky to contain. i’d feel uneasy using a biological attack in close proximity to my location.

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